Photographic Experience of Space 16th of May ’16

Photo: Annalisa Sonzogni 2015

Ph: The Photography Research Network at Birkbeck Arts Week 2016. Monday, the 16th of May ’16, 6-7.30pm, Room 120, 43 Gordon Square

The History and Theory of Photography Research Centre at Birkbeck University of London hosts an evening of visual exploration with Ph: The Photography Research Network. Patrizia Di Bello (Birkbeck) will introduce Andreia Alves de Oliveira, Annalisa Sonzogni and Alexandra Tommasini for this demonstration of a typical Ph workshop on recent projects: two exhibitions and one research paper where the visual will meet the spatial in a critical and creative interaction. Presentations will be followed by a round table to further consider the works and issues raised.

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