Photographic Experience of Space (working document concerning an exhibition to be curated by Ph in 2018-19)



The relationship between space and photography is longstanding and has generated much photographic exploration. From images of the built environment, cityscapes, office spaces, and interiors and exteriors, space has been reproduced and represented photographically. (See for example the essays in the collection, Representational Machines: Photography & the Production of Space, edited by Anna Dahlgren, Dag Petersson, and Nina Lager Vestberg, Aarhus University Press, 2013).

Based on a seminar organised in collaboration with The History and Theory of Photography Research Centre at Birkbeck University of London during Arts Week 2016, Photographic Experience of Space explores how space is produced photographically. It brings together a collection of text-based and visual work by artists and researchers from the group. Forming a dialogue where the visual meets the spatial in a critical and creative interaction, the exhibition will include a series of photographs, texts, a site-specific installation and selected pieces of furniture related to the visual work displayed.


Exhibition Symposium

A one-day symposium will situate the exhibition within a broader art historical, visual and material context, and comprise a programme of presentations by researchers, curators, and photographers drawn from Ph and beyond.

Participatory Workshop in Photography

Member practitioners from the Ph group will deliver one participatory workshop aiming to increase public engagement with the practice of photography more generally, in relation to themes such as compositional choices, angles, framing, subject identification and others.

Date: Mid-2019

Venue: London TBC

Participating Ph Member:

Estefani Bouza, Alexandra Hughes, Liz Johnson Drew, Andreia de Oliveria, Gil Pasternak, Anne Pfautsh, Justine Sambrook, Annalisa Sonzogni, Alexandra Tommasini, Lauren Winsor.